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Arwa Food Industries is a producer & exporter of Dehydrated Vegetables, a company founded by a group of highly qualified professionals.

The promoters are active in the dehydration business since 2002 when the 1st Venture was set up. After successful operation and established local market presence, the promoters started Global Sales, Marketing and Procurement and comes with strong desire to serve the international market with high quality products. This Desire resulted into creation of a new company "Arwa Food Industries" with dedicated production plant and facilities set up to serve the international market.

We process and dehydrate wide range vegetable with core focus on Onion, Garlic and Ginger. We have employed modern technologies and fully automated machinery in our plant for continuous dehydration. We have installed latest sorting machines like SORTEC for automatic cleaning and sorting of dehydrated products to keep the hygiene as per the international norms.

Our Resources

ARWA FOODS is strategically located in place which is known as heaven for the White Onion with a plant spread over 153000 sqf of land in the state of Gujarat, a Western part on INDIA. Within 150 km surrounding area, we have access to India's globally renowned agriculture belt famous for Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Cumin, Coriander, Fenugreek & Sesame Seeds.

We have constructed a 100% Export Oriented unit with world class facility following world food safety standard in regulation with food safety norms. The main factory area covers raw material storage, processing are and finished goods storage in ambient condition.

A state of the art processing unit for Dehydration of Vegetables and spices are set up at our facility. We have fully automatic plant with minimum possible interaction or exposure for manual operation to keep the best possible hygiene in our production process. All these are backed by we equipped Laboratory to ensure food safety.

Vision & Mission

Arwa Food Industries is committed to Business, Unusual, the power of business as a force for positive change, which seeks to balance the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit.

As part of this we created our rules of corporate responsibility, our code of conduct, and the ideal product criteria.

Our code of conduct is how we ensure we are providing a safe, healthy place/product for everyone we do business with. It outlines our compliance requirements and covers things such as child labor, hours of work, non-discrimination and compensation.

The rules of corporate responsibility or rather, our "Rules to Live By" outline our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, fair wages, minimum and maximum compensation, equal benefits for our employees and product creation practices.

Global Reach

Operating effectively in global market requires experience, deep knowledge of local business conditions and regulation and a management team that is truly comfortable operating anywhere in the world that our customers want to be. Our international expertise and extensive capabilities are unmatched in the industry and truly help define who we are.

Services Include

Global reach to deliver dehydrated products exactly where you need them.

Quick to respond to meet customer needs, from full container to custom orders.

Service you can rely upon to provide on time deliveries consistently.

Customized requirement undertaken to deliver the product to suit your need.

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